Hello, I'm Richard,
a developer from the Netherlands


to my brand spanking new website!

Does a developer need a website? I don't know, it depends on your situation, but I've asked myself this question several times. To be honest, it's kinda cool to have this creative outlet for sharing knowledge and mutual interests with whomever might come across this piece of content on the interwebs.

I'm starting to realize I'm getting more and more involved in developer communities - especially with the social tools available nowadays such as Github and Packagist. That's pretty cool; learning new philosophies / design patterns with people across the world and building on technologies that actually matter...
At the same time though, an invisible gap is appearing between those who use the technologies and those who create them.
Anyway, I guess that's another reason to reach out to all you curious people :-)

Why 'Zixalf'?

Yeah... Well... The gist of it is that my online pseudonym used to be 'Flaxis' for some random reason, but it was already in use on a website once, so I just reversed it and replaced the S with a Z.
I know.
Great choices.


So I've 'built' this website in PageKit (it's literally just a one-click install). It's a pretty neat CMS if I say so myself... Haven't really changed much about the factory theme that comes with it. It's built in Symfony, so I guess if you ever need a cool CMS for your simple website, PageKit seems to do the trick pretty well!

Oh, and also...

I'm a Symfony freak, so expect a lot of blog posts covering Symfony stuff on here ;)